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For parents/caregivers of children grades K–8

This educational series will empower you to help your child learn to navigate the social world by working on and understanding the thinking behind social skills at home, at school and in the community. Based on Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® framework, you’ll be given tools to assist your child in understanding unwritten social rules, taking perspective of others and becoming more flexible in social situations.  Winner’s approach teaches kids the social cause and effect of “expected and unexpected” thinking and behavior (Winner, 2000) and how to use social smarts when dealing with life situations.  Using Social Thinking concepts, vocabulary and strategies of the Superflex® curriculum (Madrigal & Winner, 2008), children discover their own Superflexible social thinking superhero who helps them defeat a motley crew of “Unthinkables” (social challenges represented in character form).  For more information on the Social Thinking framework, go to:  www.socialthinking.com 

Class Facilitators:   Sherry C. Mergner, MSW, LCSW

Dates:                          Saturdays, August 6 and August 13, 2016

Time:                           9 AM to 12 Noon (6 hours total) please arrive by 8:45 AM to check-in both days

Location:                    Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, 101 Renee Lynn Court, Carrboro, NC

Cost:                     $200.00 per parent/caregiver or $300.00 for both parents/caregivers (receipt will be mailed to parents/caregivers in the event insurance reimbursement is possible). Payment is expected prior to the first session.

Registration:      Registration deadline is July 29, 2016. If you are interested in registering for this group, please contact Sherry Mergner at  sherry.mergner@cidd.unc.edu Childcare is not available.

Need Financial Assistance?  If you cannot cover the costs of this program, parents of children with developmental disabilities may receive funding through:  The Jean Wolff-Rossi Fund at:  http://nccdd.org/rossi-fund-application-form.html and First in Families of North Carolina – Contact 919-251-8368 or centralcarolinafif@fifnc.org.  If you are approved for this funding, you are still required to pay the registration fee up front and the Rossi Fund or First and Families will reimburse you for the class.

Disclaimer: while this program incorporates the Social Thinking concepts and strategies originally created by Michelle Garcia Winner, it is not affiliated with, endorsed or approved by her or Think Social Publishing, Inc.